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Originally Posted by rhett View Post
I'm with you here buddy. Had a blast with this movie. It was a lot of fun. Definitely the HALLOWEEN 5 of the TCM series. This movie goes in some crazy directions. I loved the absurdity, the sloppiness and the whole unhinged nature of the approach. TC3D just really reminded me of a fun low rent sequel from the good old days before they were part of a polished, calculated studio machine. Up to this film I honestly wasn't much of a fan of the TCM series. Whereas other film series like Elm Street, Friday, Hellraiser and Halloween all really evolved from their first film, TCM was always a series that really just rested on the laurels of the first film and never really brought anything to the series that couldn't be explained by the iconic title. I thought this one had some fun with it and tried something fresh (I guess it is no surprise that it comes from the writer of Jason Goes to Hell, another unpolished, but inventive mess of a movie). Lots of fun scares, even more unintentional laughs, and a batshit finale. Fun all the way through, what a pleasant surprise overall. Don't pay the extra for 3D though, it's hardly used well (although it is kind of cool to see the footage of the original film post-converted into 3D at the start).

Again though, if the phrase "The HALLOWEEN 5 of TCM" means anything to you, you're going to like this movie.
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hmmmm i wonder if the reason the TCM 40th anniversary blu-ray that warner was supposed to release in oct 2012 then vanished is because they are going to do the whole 74 film in 3D???
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