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Originally Posted by Jimmy S View Post
Maybe it depend of the version, because the french dub released of Demon 2 we got on VHS here was the same than what was on the AB DVD.

edit : Just notice that Shlockjock81 is also Canadian, so I bet we got the same version (just in a different language) as the canadian rating boards are less cut happy than your US counterpart. I saw it way before the year 2000, probably in the early nineties.
That is possible as well - as I do remember hearing DEMONS 2 was uncut in Canada. Ironically, DEMONS was not. I had the Canadian VHS and it seemed like everything was cut, but not neatly, very sloppy cuts to the point of distraction. It could have been because I was used the US version which was also uncut sans some shots of a Coke can, but damn those cuts stuck out like a two cent hooker in Sunday school.
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