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1.5, wow that's generous of you.
The only good thing I can say about this movie is I laughed a lot during it. After peeking a few reviews before viewing, I knew it was gonna suck and boy it did it ever! But when I said the most stupid thing possible in my mind near the end ("we'll just do the ceremony in reverse, and that will send the evil back") and 2 minutes later Mr. Exposition says almost the exact same thing, I couldn't hold back the tears of comedy. Just complete shit, avoid at all costs. I got a free view from a library blu-ray and still feel ripped off! I want those 70 minutes back.

WTF happened to Dark Castle? They started with great horror redos and ever since Gothika haven't put out another decent film. Oh, in case you mis-read that, let make it perfectly clear how I feel about Gothika. It sucked hairy moose ass! I don't know what this sucked, what ever comes after hairy moose ass I reckon.

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