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Originally Posted by MisterTwister View Post
How violent is Gator Bait? Just curious.
Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
Not particularly violent at all...even for exploitation standards.
Boy, I disagree. It's plenty violent even by exploitation standards. In both films the "violence towards women" scenes that setup the revenge are prolonged and uncomfortable. Its not quite I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, but it revels in it more than many revenge flicks. Some of the gun shot wounds are significantly gory as well and GATOR BAIT II has a bloody but unconvincing throat slashing.

I really enjoyed both films and for $8 these releases are well worth upgrading from VHS.

Can anyone confirm if RUNNING COOL has some good T&A? The athletic yet busty Jan Sebastian spent much of GATOR BAIT 2 in various stages of undress.
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