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Originally Posted by Nailwraps View Post
B.) Synapse just released The Definitive Document Of The Dead. A possible clue no less.
Synapse had that from the start and Anchor Bay's release was a special deal as far as I know.

But I actually suspect now that there may not be a Dawn of the Dead release from Synapse because they re-released Document. It seemed like a natural pairing and Synapse doesn't usually do a lot of tie in re-releases (unlike say Blue Underground). In fact they'll often delay things to finish out a pairing (like Street Trash) and be upfront about it. So I almost feel that when Don May knew he wasn't getting Dawn he just released Document without it.

But then again it makes a lot of business sense to make as much money from Document as possible and then release it with Dawn. Or release Dawn stand alone and then a few years later pair it with Document to tie up a few loose ends of cash.

It seems though Demons 1 and 2 were the titles he was most excited about. I'm not expecting anything "bigger" than those any time soon from Synapse anymore.
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