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Originally Posted by marcx View Post
Saw this last night--silly stuff but a good ol' fun time--no where near worthy of the original tough
That was exactly how I went away from it as well... Random thoughts:

- Alexandra Daddario looked far too well-preserved for someone who by all rights should be pushing forty.

- Trey Songz is a fine looking dude, but his character couldn't die fast enough for me. He came with the most annoying theme music, and it took me right out of the movie.

- Leatherface is suddenly beautiful? We catch a glimpse of his face and nose, and he doesn't look as inbred and bucktoothed as one ight have expected.

- I can't accept that the extended Sawyer clan had been in the house through all that passed in the 1974 movie. I will buy, though, that they popped by for tea at the worst possible moment, right after the events of the original.

- "Ladies' makeup? What a fruitcake!" As opposed the men's makeup, which the redneck cop would have found more acceptable.

All in all, I was mostly entertained, sometimes annoyed, but in the end, it's not worthy of the original.
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