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News update on SECOND TIME LUCKY from Scorpion's FB page:

"Heads up. The SECOND TIME LUCKY master is the same full frame master that was used on the old Platinum disc. Originally, I wanted to release this in widescreen, and was told they had film elements in Los Angeles, so I contacted Diane Franklin and got her interested in participating.

But five days before she was to record her very first audio commentary for a DVD (this was way before TERRORVISION), I was informed that all they had was a set of Mag soundtracks with no picture. I could have cancelled the release, but due to Diane's involvement, I didn’t want to disappoint her, so I went ahead with everything hoping I could locate a 35mm element within reasonable time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t.

So despite it being the old pan and scan master, it does have her on camera interview, as well as her very first commentary, and the MSRP is really low (12.95). Hopefully, fans of her will still enjoy it, as Diane had a blast participating on it regardless of the master."
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