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Originally Posted by dave13 View Post
Is Godfather Part III a "must-see"? I'm not sure. Parts I and II are astoundingly good, but III is a bit more of a curiosity, an appendix to the first two. Not the turkey that many claim it to be, for sure, but nowhere near the level of the others. I haven't seen the extended edition (I believe that was actually parts I and II edited together in chronological order for television, wasn't it?), but I expect that tampering with the structure of the two films in such a drastic manner would certainly remove a lot of their impact. Not to mention the commercial breaks, which are absolute death to the pacing of any film. So I expect you'll enjoy them upon a second, proper viewing.
Well I got to watch all three and I have to say I still don't "get it."

The Godfather (79/100)
The Godfather Part II (78/100)
The Godfather Part III (71/100)

Obviously Part III has the most issues but I actually saw more potential in that one's story if they had a better script/production (Coppola had a year less then he wanted). They're not bad films by any means but for some reason this genre doesn't click much for me because I'm also so-so on Scarface and Goodfellas.

On the other hand I enjoyed the original Scarface, Once Upon a Time in America and Casino. :shrug:
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