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Originally Posted by booper71 View Post
Is this the film where they throw the indentured servant out of the private plane because the fuel is low and the natives see him fall from the sky and assume he is their deity?
That's not White Zombie, but I too would like to see it.

Mondo Digital seems to confirm what others who've already got their hands on it are saying that the "restored" transfer is DNR'ed to hell while the "raw" transfer is detailed but completely untouched (as advertised). So unfortunately we don't get the best of both worlds here which would be a transfer that steadies the image and repairs the film while retaining the grain structure.

For me what's most frustrating about this is that anyone with a HDTV could crank the DNR up to eleven and get the same results. If someone wants that let them adjust their TV's accordingly. For the rest of us do the film justice. Still it's the best way to go and unlikely to get any better.

BTW Creepy Classics are already shipping it:
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