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Watched TCM2 again tonight on bluray and boy does it suck. I honestly don't see how people like this entry at all. It's right at the bottom of the barrel with Next Generation. It has it's brief moments but mostly amounts to constant yelling, screaming and Chop-tops god awful banter. He has to be the worst character in the film. He just doesn't shut up.

Watched Leatherface TCM3 tonight as well and really enjoyed it. It has a better story, less annoying characters and breezes by much quicker than part 2.

I voted for The Beginning though, just because of how brutal it is. Definitely deserves the "massacre" in its title. I also think the remake is decent. It's never going to be the original but it takes all the best elements from it and does its own thing.

Hoping to see Texas Chainsaw 3D sometime soon.
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