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Originally Posted by allmessedup View Post
I didn't even think Ermey was really that good in it, it was just him doing FULL METAL JACKET all over again.
I respectfully disagree. Both characters are sadistic bullies for sure. But Gunnery Sergeant Hartman undoubtedly believed there was purpose in the way he treated "non-hackers." And his ascension in the military is proof of his willingness to adhere to certain rules and codes.

Sheriff Hoyt, on the other hand, demonstrates no moral compass or higher purpose at all. There's a deviant quality to him, as evidenced in the scene where they remove the hitchhiker's body from the backseat of the van. His humor in that scene is a lot sicker than anything in Full Metal Jacket. Hartman is the kind of guy who'd probably help people in that situation. Hoyt?

There's a lot of Ermey in both performances--and a lot of his signature profane humor. But these are vastly different characters. Sheriff Hoyt is a lot scarier guy.
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