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Agents of Fortune, without hesitation. This ain't the Summer of Love, Tatoo Vampire, Tenderloin, Morning Final, The Revenge Of Vera Gemini - this Cult album above all others IMO not only shoots for the "all quality, no filler" mark, it tops it. And then there is the over played but deservedly so (Don't Fear) the Reaper. That song alone would get consideration for best album even if the rest was a monotone reading of the New York phone book by Will Ferrell playing the role of fictional cowbell artist Gene Frenkle.

Fire of Unknown Origin has declined in interest for me over the years. Burnin for You, Joan Crawford, After Dark still righteously kick my eardrums' arse. Veteran of the Psychic Wars is a distinct and iconic tune, though it isn't the "stop everything and turn it up" song of my youth. However much of the rest of the album, and (sorry to run counter to a previous post) especially Vengeance (the Pact) has strayed from somewhat like to tolerate to almost grit my teeth and bear it over the years for me. I'll play Agents of Fortune back to back any day of the week, but Fire of Unknown Origin has turned into a skip over tracks album for me.

Spectres is for me the album that has been going up in standing over time. Most radio stations started and stopped with Godzilla, a song that kicks things off with a bit of novelty and just enough quality to the song itself to not wear thin. But the neglected best comes after, with Golden Age of Leather, Searchin' For Celine, Fireworks, and I Love The Night. Only R. U. Ready 2 Rock lands like a thud on this album, the rest is at least listenable.
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