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Originally Posted by SpaceAce View Post
Just watched The Boogens for the first time last night (I blind bought the blu ray) and I really enjoyed it. I am leery of blind buying these older lower budget horror movies because they often move too slow or just don't pack any suspense/thrills/fun to keep the movie going for me...The Dorm that Dripped Blood, Humongous, and Rituals all fall into the category of movies I was looking forward to checking out and they just seemed boring and flat to me). The Boogens was fun and had some really creepy moments, a great setting, and just seemed to click for me. I was very pleasantly surprised and definately look forward to watching this again on a snowy winter night (and also unearthing some other movies like this that I may has missed out on over the years).
I love The Boogens too.
Check out Corman's Humanoids From The Deep if you haven't already done so.
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