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Originally Posted by terry silver View Post
Do you know if the new box set features the same "remastered" versions as the earlier album releases? I know Imaginos wasn't remastered until now, but I've got all the other early albums when they were re-released. Even if the early "remasters" are the same, a remastered "Fire of Unknown Origin" and "Imaginos" would be worth the purchase.
Some of the CD versions in the new Box Set are just the same remaster discs (with the bonus tracks) that came out previously, and some are new remasters available for the first time.

All of the BOC albums from 1979 to 1988 are the new 2012 remasters in the set, so it's definitely worth the cost of purchase if you're a fan of the band. And then you also get the Rarities CD and the Radio Broadcasts CD, plus the live DVD. I don't think there's been any official word if the new remasters or the bonus discs will be released seperately, yet at least.
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