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Extremely dissapinting to read this on Box Office Mojo's Winners and Losers list for 2012.

This is from the the Losers section.

"Stop-Motion Animation: While computer animation did great in 2012, stop-motion animation had such a bad year that it's going to be tough for any future projects to get green-lit.

After three years without a single release, the sub-genre had three high-profile entries in 2012, and all of them underperformed against modest comparable titles. ParaNorman, the best of the bunch, grossed just $56 million, or noticeably less than Coraline's $75.3 million. Frankenweenie was even worse with $34.7 million, or just 65 percent of what director Tim Burton's Corpse Bride earned in 2005 ($53.4 million). Finally, The Pirates! Band of Misfits set a new low for Aardman Animation with a paltry $31.1 million.

The genre performed so poorly this year that Disney decided put the kibosh on a Henry Selick stop-motion animated movie that they had already sunk tons of cash in to (around $50 million, according to some reports). Looking ahead, there is only one stop-motion project currently on the calendar (a new entry from LAIKA, the company behind Coraline/ParaNorman), and it won't reach theaters until September 2014."

It's too bad as I am a huge fan of stop motion and couldn't give two shits about CGI movies, yes even Pixar films. Sad to see a movie like Hotel Transyvania make more then 5x what Frankenweenie made and more then 3x what Paranorman brought in (Using Worldwide figures, though Domestic isn't much of a difference).
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