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Originally Posted by rhett View Post
Four votes for TCM: The Next Generation...has this forum gone insane!?!?!
I am a proud voter of #4!

I did not count the 2003 or 2006 versions as I wouldn't call 'em follow ups but remakes. But from the original 3 sequels, I get the most entertainment from Next Generation.

# 2 is too tonally off for me and # 3 is New Line's failed attempt at trying to turn Leatherface into a Jason or Freddy franchise. #4 is at least batshit crazy and knows it too.

The much hated ending with Mr. Rothman and Illuminati is now quite reminiscent of movies like Martyrs and Cabin In The Woods.

To me, Next Generation is like a Sleepaway Camp 2ish sequel to the original - part homage/all dark comedy.

What shocks me is the venom that this sequel gets and that fans take it so seriously but then can love a floater like #3. I would rather be a ridiculous sequel that offers a good time than a sequel that takes itself seriously but isn't any fun.

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