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It's sad as I love stop motion and even performed some while I studied animation in college. The thing about ParaNorman though was that it looked so good I could imagine kids not knowing it's anything other than CGI (if they think about it at all). The digital world has really opened up stop motion with high quality photography. Coraline's negative is 8k I think. Since they can use still photography over video photography they'll always be several steps ahead of the digital video realm.

Still Disney is pushing really hard with Frankenweenie. I see ads now all over IMDb, Comcast and other outlets. It's almost a harder push then when it was in theaters! It may be a combination of a sleeper hit on DVD and Disney's pushing Frankenweenie in front of the Academy over Brave which is surprising to me. But with ParaNorman being their real competition it might not be so surprising after all.
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