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I dunno, I think I'd like it if there was some nod to the other seasons more than just the fact that many of the same actors from season 1 are in season 2. Something just for the hardcore fans to notice, but not something that would make it confusing if you hadn't seen all seasons. So you could still enjoy it as a stand-alone, but the faithful viewers would be rewarded as well.

I do like the concept of different stories each year, as it enables the producers to kill off a character only to bring back the same actor in a different role next year. I mean, as an actor I don't think I'd want to be in a TV show where my character could be killed at any time, then I'd be back looking for work again. But in the horror genre, there HAS to be that element of danger, that factor that no one is safe, ever. AHS' concept allows for both. Your character could die a horrible, spectacular death mid-season, you get a mini vacation, then you're back shooting the next year as someone completely different. If you play a good character this year, you might play a bad one next year, or vice versa (which they're already doing).

It's really a clever and refreshing take on horror, especially on the small screen.

Now if they could just get that red-headed maid back....
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