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I don’t get why so many dismiss the humor in the original. I think the low-fi quality in which it was produced and filmed sort of masks most of the comedic aspect, but Tobe Hooper has several times proclaimed that the original was always intended to be a black comedy. Franklin is “slapsticky”….the Hitchhiker is “slapsticky”. After my initial viewing of the original TCM and being downright traumatized, I was able to watch it several years later and notice not only the satire and social relevance of the film, but also the comedic aspects as well. I still laugh every time Drayton (aka the Cook) arrives home and yells “Look at what your brother did to the door!” …or how excited the Hitchhiker gets when he’s told to get Grandpa.

And I don’t really think the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre can be accredited as the first “torture porn” film seeing as there is very little gore in the film. I mean, torture porn flicks are usually pretty straight forward, they usually don’t tend to delve into “frightening” its audience psychologically…it’s more of a what you see is what you get. The original TCM plays it the “less is more style” and lets your mind create the gruesome picture of what’s happening on film. I think torture porn’s roots really started with a combination of things…but I think most of its inspiration stems from Japanese gore films of the 1980-90s.

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Speaking of TCM 2, I never noticed how fucking INCREDIBLE Caroline Williams's legs were in the movie, and god DAMN are they insanely nice. they even point that out in the commentary. hands down best legs i've ever seen on a woman!
Hell yeah…its fuckin boner-inducing when Leatherface runs the blade up and down her leg.

I watch the Part 2 fairly often and I’ve never found any of the scenes to be dragging on or being overtly long for no purpose. I mean, when I first saw the sequel, I thought it paled in comparison to the original, but as the years progressed and the more times I watched it, I think the film stands perfectly on its own. There’s great performances all around and the dialogue is poignant on downright hysterical at times. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “Bright lights and big titties” used in a song…and you know you have something special when Les Claypool samples a quote from your film. Plus the set pieces are immaculate throughout…the family’s underground lair is so well dressed and so well put together it without a doubt acts as a character on its own. Great stuff…both Hooper films had great set pieces that worked effectively well.
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