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Blade Films, the future, David Goyer and Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes is coming out of prison in July.

I'm a big fan of the blade films, the first 2. And I think david goyer has done good work for writing on the chris nolan films, the first 2 blade films.

Now David Goyer director I don't like, and David Goyer's fallout with Snipes is so bad for the fanchise

Wesley Snipes 'tried to strangle director David Goyer on Blade: Trinity'

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What did the studio decide to give David Goyer this directing power. This is one of the big shames of the last decade. For me I think Wesley Snipes owns Blade, it's iconic casting, he's right for it, the first 2 films did well.

David Goyer seems hellbent on trying to make Blade successful without Snipes, he's talking about reboots, there was that nuff tv show, Disney owns Marvel, can disney do the r rated Blade thing.

I'm sure what everyone wants is someone like del toro or nottingham directing and david goyer concentrating on writing and Wesley Snipes coming back for Blade 4. Wesley I'm sure can do a stallone and go into his 50s if he wants it.

I think the fanchise has a big Snipes shadow over the character, and I think david goyer for some reason, just wants the character to work with someone else other then snipes.

What's everyone's thoughts on this? Snipes has menstioned he would come back if the right team is involved.

Blade was the film that kick started alot of marvel films, and it remains likely the best marvel film I think, it deserves justice with blade 4 done right with Snipes.

New Line and David Goyer have alot to answer for. I hope Disney can do something and see sense in what happened to Blade.
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