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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
And I don’t really think the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre can be accredited as the first “torture porn” film seeing as there is very little gore in the film. I mean, torture porn flicks are usually pretty straight forward, they usually don’t tend to delve into “frightening” its audience psychologically…it’s more of a what you see is what you get. The original TCM plays it the “less is more style” and lets your mind create the gruesome picture of what’s happening on film. I think torture porn’s roots really started with a combination of things…but I think most of its inspiration stems from Japanese gore films of the 1980-90s.
Originally Posted by zombiehorror View Post
I hate that moniker! It was created by someone who wouldn't know a horror film from Mary Poppins; Torture porn, as he so eloquently dubbed it, existed for decades before the films labeled as such and certainly existed for years prior to TCM's release! The genre(s) were exploitation and gore and they still are!!
Torture porn is just an easy way of saying it. I'm not a huge fan of the phrase either although I find myself using it a lot for some odd reason. It may not have the gore but the last third of all of these films pretty much focus on a woman getting tortured at a dinner table. The rest of the film is just lots of running, screaming and crying. They are very loud films, that don't really let up, and the constant screaming and crying grates on your nerves after awhile. I get why people love the franchise and I understand why people consider the first film a masterpiece as it is very well made and frightening at times, they just aren't my favourites. The sequels are for the most part crap though, worth a watch but no where near good films. But like I said, I still own all of them, but I would watch many other horror films over them first. And yes, I know I am in the minority as this movie usually takes the top spot on most people's lists.
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