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Originally Posted by Ash28M View Post
I don't really care how the media portrays horror fans. I just cringe when horror fans adopt phrases that the media invents to portray horror fans. Especially when the phase is meant to portray horror fans as perverts sitting in their mothers basement masturbating to people getting tortured.
But horror fans know that's not true so who cares why the term was invented or what it means in the media world? Horror fans have adopted it because it's just an easy way to describe a film that has lots of/ or revolves around torture and gore. Maybe it's the word porn in the title that offends people, personally I couldn't care less. I am happy to admit that I watch soem flicks with soem pretty gnarly stuff in it. It makes talking about the film that much more fun. Chomp is right though in that TCM doesn't fall in this category as it is lacking the gore.
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