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Originally Posted by Hatchetwarrior View Post
Enjoyed the movie quite a bit, although my biggest complaint would be the lack of Amy. Her character arc was, for me, a huge part of the book and her developing a relationship with David. Now, I do understand certain characters (Jennifer in particular) were eliminated, and certain plot points either combined or removed completely for the shake of brevity, I still think it's a shame that Amy's character took a backseat, leaving so much out of context. (For those who didn't read the book, we learn why she only has one hand.) Other than that, I was entertained, the cast was incredible and so was some of the practical FX (not so much the digital ones.) Good for a watch, but I doubt I'll purchase it when it hits DVD or Blu-ray.
Just watched this last night and I agree. I thought as a film it worked and I enjoyed the hell out of it, being a ton of fun and I thought the leads captured Dave and John quite well. But of course having read the book a lot was truncated to make the 99 minute run time and was a bit disappointed that pretty much the whole middle of the book was condensed and combined considerably so. But that said, it serves the movie format and wasn't too much of a miss. My biggest peeve though, other than Amy's sideline status, was the changing of the dogs name from Molly to Bark Lee... Why? But overall I think it was a good fit for Coscarelli and for their small budget it's big on entertainment.
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