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Originally Posted by Nailwraps View Post
The only downside is that the sound pitches on VI and VII are low.

And while we're talking about F13 on TV, Freddy Vs. Jason is also playing on the Starz/Encore channels:
I noticed the sound thing on Part 6. I thought it was a new sound transfer. They are showing the green version too. I hope this isn't the HD version they will sell too. Luckily I found this site a while back with the comparison and picked up the old version of Part 6.

Part 7 and 8 come on tonight. I still can't get into Part 7 that much. Part 8 I like a lot.

And I've been watching Freddy vs. Jason a lot too. I still think the premise is a bad idea. But there are a handful of good things that have pushed the movie into my buy list. Namely, Katharine Isabelle's short but strong performance.
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