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Originally Posted by rhett View Post
Heather's adoptive parents show up at the home she was willed and try to apologize in a vain effort to get a piece of this expensive southern pie. Leatherface answers the door instead. RIP
Thanks Rhett Legend. I will check this when I next watch the film.

I just came back from watching it tonight. Late night showing. Felt like 80s again, interesting spin and follow up to the original.

Leatherface can only be as interesting as Mike Myers and Jason, unless you do something different, this was like Rob Zombie's Halloween in approach. Show a different side to the established iconic killer.

It had enough of the formula to keep you enjoying what you liked about the original and then doing something different. I think this was a good outing to show potential to build upon. Good money earner for Lionsgate, smart company and keeping classic horror alive, which is very challenging given what hollywood has given to us these past decades.

Excellent work Rhett and everyone here. Order pizza and make a toast to classic horror!
"Better to be dead and cool then alive and uncool." Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

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