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Some of Shouts stuff I already have (and am happy with) on dvd or are titles I'm not interested in; I did pick up Halloween II for the tv edit and want to pick up Halloween III, Town That Dreaded Sundown and Lifeforce + a few other titles!

They admitted themselves on Facebook that the MGM transfer of Vampire Lovers was already sufficient on dvd and that is why they aren't releasing a dvd version.

As far as the covers go I was digging them at first but they are all pretty repetitive. The Burning actually stands out as a favorite and I think it would stand out from all the rest if you placed them all together but then seeing that other poster you gotta wonder if the idea was snagged!? I'm also not digging finding out that a lightbox/tracing may have been involved in creating the posters. It kind of cheapens it for me but it is just a cover that can easily be ignored or inverted for the alternate cover!
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