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Originally Posted by deepred View Post
Didn't they refund any customer who wasn't happy?

I just wish these releases they get went to Scream Factory. I don't like the pressure of having to order right away because it will sell out in a month, I don't like the prices and I don't like the lack of features.
They supposedly did refund the money. I don't know about the shipping costs. I think they should have known before hand what they were selling. Limited to 3000 Blu-rays at $29.99 and no longer in production for 3 years, they should know what the A/V quality is. Most fans of movies always want to know the difference between a DVD and Blu-ray. Twilight Time didn't seem to care. The fact that there was an HD version on Fear Net that looked nothing like the released Blu-ray and Twilight Time didn't realize it is a big problem. I only kept my copy because I like the movie and who knows what the Blu-ray/movie industry will be like in three years.
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