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Help Remembering/Identifying A Film

A long time ago I read a review, possibly here, of an Italian horror film from the 70's (probably) that sounded moderately interesting, but not all that good. I also think that was the reviewer's assessment as well. Unfortunately, all that I can really remember from the review was a screen shot of a lovely lady in a giant, but cheap looking, spider's web. The screen shots showed off a Bava-esque color scheme and, if I remember correctly, the film was a cross between surreal giallo thriller and some supernatural elements. What I do remember from the review is that the reviewer gushed over how lovely the lead actress was and said that the film was worth seeing for that alone.

Now that a lot of old Italian films can be found on YouTube, I've been hunting down some of the second and third tier films that didn't seem interesting enough to blind buy, but still peaked my curiosity. And this was one of them.

Any thoughts as to what this might be?
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