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Originally Posted by ImmortalSlasher View Post
I still can't believe they put Blade in jail. Blade II is the best one to me. Part 3 was horrible. I read the story about that big blow up on the set of Blade 3. The Blade anime was forgettable. The TV show got somewhat better towards the end. But I've forgotten just about everything about it except for the car advertisement girl that was in it. The TV show really showed how good Snipes is as Blade. Part 4 could be good if they get the right people. But will Hollywood give Snipes a shot after jail? This sort of thing seems to be really hit or miss. Some get a shot, some don't.
The Robert Downy Jr rebirth from drugs was something.

Snipes tax thing is very unique I know, I can't think of another actor who's served time like this.
I'm sure Stallone will put Snipes in Expendables 3, then Major League sequel has Snipes penciled in, so he has his sequels and ticket back, Blade 4 will depend more on studio smartness.

There hasn't been a Blade film without Wesley Snipes, that is something working in his favor.
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