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Well today I got a response from my October 2012 request for a password reset:
I apologize for the delayed response. We have been experiencing issues with our password request email and are making our way through the requests manually with a limited customer service staff.
So it would appear someone is minding the store again. It seems Shout has changed up their online store two or three times in as many years now. I figured my account was lost in the shuffle. I'd like to see how long this lasts.

While I'm at it I think I'll give an update that I received another email last week with a subject that again said my payment had cleared but the body stated that my payment had not cleared. I checked my online banking for a few days and it has not appeared. I was not surprised however when I received another package from Shout. This one was mostly a duplicate of my previous order with a few things missing and a few things extra.

Seems their staff has enough problems so I'm not one to bother them again since I've come up smelling like roses so far.
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