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Originally Posted by spawningblue View Post
I never even noticed this. The ending was a complete surprise to me and what a thrill!
I was just way ahead of this one. When you see this facility in the opening you know the kids will make it there eventually. The titles also show some ritual stuff. Midway through they even mention the old volcano sacrifices and there is that painting in the cabin.

Originally Posted by spawningblue View Post
I thought they were. Didn't they have several swat team like soldiers to fight them off? I think they were prepared to handle one or two at a time, but not all of them at once, and how could they? It was just pure insanity!
I thought the containment squad or whatever they were called should have been like Ghostbusters without the comedy. As long as they were doing rituals they should have been extremely professional and proficient at recapturing these monsters. But that again could be part of the joke of the movie just like the giant release button.

Originally Posted by spawningblue View Post
Yes, I got the impression that only one ritual had to be successful, and they were the ones to always come out in the end. I think they were just really cocky. They had a perfect record I believe and it was never a problem for them. They started to get pretty worried once things didn't go exactly as planned but again I don't think they foresaw anything that happened.
It's weird. They do mention I believe how the Japanese squad is perfect. Also, that the American squad failed before because of the Chemistry department. I think that is a reference to The Faculty movie. I just never got the sense of panic the "Ancient Ones" should bring to everyone working in the facility.

Originally Posted by Paff View Post
No offense man, but it's neither
I like Scream. I'm not the type to analyze movies and seeing all the references and breakdown of how old horror movies work was a huge surprise to me. Even something like the "I'll be right back" line is something I never really picked up on. Now, rewatching old and at times modern horror movies. It's crazy how many times that line shows up. The characters in Scream are great too. Many have funny lines and stuff. I love the "Jesus the camera hurry" line. I will say that I haven't seen Scream 3 (I only saw parts). I didn't like Scream 2 at all. I haven't seen Scream 4 yet.
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