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Drinkers beware! Contaminated wine is the catalyst for a French zombie outbreak in Jean Rollin's THE GRAPES OF DEATH (Les Raisins de la Mort, 1978), coming to blu from Redemption Films and Kino Lorber. Traveling home by train, Elizabeth runs afoul of an experimental pesticide mishap that's turned her townspeople into Gallic ghouls! These countryside crazies are visibly rotting and prone to increasingly violent behavior; before long, heads are being chopped, bodies pitchforked, and Brigitte Lahaie is wandering around naked with her pet pups. (Not a euphemism.) An almost traditional, accessible outing for Rollin, GRAPES differentiates itself from the rest of his filmography with an unusual, pulsating electronic score and surprising spates of graphic gore (conceived by imported Italian technicians) -- a first for France.

"I wanted to get away from the usual zombie fare. The zombies in RAISINS have retained their consciousness. They suffer because of what they are. So when decapitating the little blind girl that he has nailed to his door, Paul Bisciglia screams, 'Je t'aime!' That's a key scene in the movie." -- Jean Rollin



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