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Today's found footage horror movies have me wondering: how can someone still hold a camera when monsters/demons are chasing you? I would drop the camera a run so fast all you see is a trail of shit I left behind after shitting myself. Anyway I guess this is what passes as horror today. The underlying premise and the antagonists desire and drive are supposed to shock you, not a series of endless crash cuts designed to shock you. Horror based on this cheap trick are created by those too stupid or lazy to actually write a story that scares you. A movie based entirely on visual queues to frighten are about as scary as the 80's TV show 'Small Wonder'.

This just looks like a lot of blurry scenes and screaming. Shakey camera shit every single horror film these days looks like this. Getting tired of all these found footage movies. Who the hell runs around with a video camera while getting chased by a monster, and still manage to keep things in frame? This is shoddy film making with very little actually story, lots of filler and basic disregard to lighting and cinematography. The first one sucked hairy nuts this one has potential to suck a gang bang of hairy nuts. I'm really started to believe the horror genre is being catered to teenagers.

I can only imagine how many more of these films are going to be made. 1st: VHS 2nd: S-VHS 3rd: VCD 4th: S-VCD 5th: DVD 6th: HD-DVD 7th: Blu-ray 8th: Super8 (prequel) 9th: .AVI (Spinoff) 10th: VHS-C (VHS remake) 11th: S-VHS-C (VHS remake) After they milk this to death there will be a spin off "Laserdisc".

Before someone runs a marathon let me be clear I don't HATE THIS. I simply think the horror genre has become nothing more then a quick cash cow. Nobody is actually making horror films anymore only thing being produce is a PRODUCT. A product I just don't really care for and doesn't entertain me. OMFG I can't wait for Paranormal Activity 5 it's going 2B awesome!!!<----sarcasm
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