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Originally Posted by ronnie21 View Post
erick, wow,,, i would love to see boogens in 35mm. i wonder how good the print is? since the new blu ray had to much grain and white specs all thorughout..
Hard to say how that print would be.I've never seen what I would call an ''awful'' print at The Carolina though some certainly looked their age.THE BOOGENS didn't get a HUGE amount of play when it was out so if it is a vintage print and well preserved it might not be in bad shape.If a new master was struck for it recently then it may well have a brand new print struck for it,I've seen some of those at The Carolina too !

I haven't seen THE BOOGENS in 15 yrs,my last screening was from an old Video Search Of Miami VHS tape.Wouldn't mind checking it out again,especially on the big screen.
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