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Originally Posted by MorallySound View Post
I personally have a Seiki BD660 as my region free player and it's both Blu-ray and DVD region free via a simple remote code which allows you to go into the factory settings menu and change both the DVD and Blu-ray region codes.

These are super cheap, around $80, and available at Walmart. Although I'm not sure if the US Walmarts stock them...
i noticed you recommend this model about 6 months ago, and decided to seek one out. unfortunately, i couldn't find any walmart that still carried them. i fear they may no longer stock this model. i was able to find a like-new player on kijiji for $60, and i've had absolutely no problems with it. its become our living room default dvd and blu ray player (set to region A most of the time, so my wife doesn't get confused ). so thanks for that recommendation, MS.

Mr. G, if you can find one, then go for it. but you might have to look a little harder to track one down...
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