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Following those links, I did find this:

I went here quite often, and I distinctly remember seeing Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. That was '86, obviously, and since it closed in February of 1987, was likely the last movie I saw there.

What's interesting is that the building has stood intact and vacant for 25 years. The obvious idea would be to reopen it, but I think that ship has sailed (for one thing, I'm not moving back to the other side of the country to do it). I guess there's a multiplex nearby, maybe even in the same complex. While it's tempting to open it as a rep theater, showing older and independent movies, I don't think there's a market for that (especially in this area of the US; there's a reason I left there!). But I wonder if something could have been done with it mid 90s, before the DVD boom hit and when most movies still showed 35mm film. Midnight movies, foreign stuff, really could have been given a chance.

But with almost all revival screenings being done from Blu-Ray nowadays, it would be pointless. Sigh. There's an era of film viewing that will just never come back....
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