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It was a single screen that was "twinned" in the mid 70s. I'm also trying to recall if this is where I saw the re-release of Andy Warhol's Frankenstein in '82.

I'm sure that the interiors were gutted, either by the owners or vandals.

Funny that you mention seats though. In San Diego, we have "The Ken", a single screen theater that's been in operation since the 1940s at least. It's only recently that they've upgraded some of the equipment though. They finally took out the dual carbon-arc 35mm projectors and replaced with the modern platter system. They also took out the antiquated seats. I was there for a screening the night they unveiled the new seats. Feeling curious and mischievous after the show, I wandered around the building, until I found one of those huge haul-away dumpsters. What was inside? Yup, all the WWII-era seats! I wanted to grab a whole bunch, but even fitting one inside a Miata was hard work.

So, I still have a 1940s era theater seat that I need to put in my home somewhere. It will need some work, as it's meant to be bolted to the floor, and a slanted floor at that. I'll have to go to Home Depot and build a frame to mount it on. But it's great. All metal, with wooden arm rests (with a ton of grafitti carved in to them, naturally). The seat cushions have these big springs in them, that no matter how much you shifted your position, one always poked into your butt cheeks. Try watching Seven Samurai like THAT! I know I did....
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