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Various Giallos (some OOP) available on budget "Pop Flix" dvd sets

I assume a lot of you have seen these "Pop Flix" public domain collections showing up in stores? I picked up a cheap 10-film tin of early Roger Corman films including The Terror, Bucket of Blood, and Dementia 13 about a year ago. Well, some of their recent releases have been kind of great. None of them explicitly state it on the box, but they're all essentially 4-film collections of classic giallos.

Here they are:

Deadly Fiends Collection

The Case of the Bloody Iris
Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I have the Key
(the NoShame release is obviously OOP - is there another R1 version?)
Death Laid an Egg (I can't find any reference to a R1 release for this anywhere)
The Dark is Death's Friend (aka The Killer Must Kill Again)

Killers on the Loose Collection

The Red Queen Kills 7 Times (again, the NoShame release is OOP, and I don't know of another R1 release)
The Fifth Cord
Seven Notes in Black
(aka The Psychic)
Don't Torture a Duckling

Blood Red Nights Collection

Deep Red
The Cat O'Nine Tails
Seven Blood Stained Orchids
Short Night of Glass Dolls

Although they're all missing whatever supplements the alternate R1 releases had (if any), these are still pretty sweet collections at $5 a pop. I grabbed the first two, since the only film I already had was The Killer Must Kill Again. The third one is probably the least interesting, since I would imagine anyone who's a fan of these films will probably already own the two Argento pictures.

The films all appear to be in the same presentation as their previous incarnations - that is to say, the same length and aspect ratio, each anamorphically enhanced. I can't comment on the A/V quality as it compares to previous releases, but from my brief sampling, the picture quality is fairly good. not fuzzy or faded, at least from what I saw.

Perhaps a lot of you have already seen these, and already decided whether or not to grab them, but I just wanted to make sure.
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