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Originally Posted by Dobby View Post
Did I miss the memo aren't Arrow release DNR hell?
One of their latest releases, Zombie, was an excellent transfer with hardly a trace of DNR. So hopefully they've turned a corner on that.

But when it comes to the Bava stuff with the AIP versions there's really no other game in town. Since Kino has already released most, if not all, of them I don't see Kino back tracking on any of that to include the AIP stuff.

Shout has confirmed Knightriders is coming from them stateside so I'll have to wait and see on that. Spider Baby is with Dark Sky so we'll have to wait and see what they're up to.

[Edit]More info on Spider Baby:
The AMPAS restoration is photochemical so not in a fit state for Blu-ray as it would require transferring digitally and then additional clean up and so on. However the transfer we have is approved by Jack Hill and is gorgeous!

The Host will be SD only, it hasn’t been transferred to HD unfortunately.

The booklet should be pretty big too, lots to go in there and hopefully we will have one more extra to add (fingers crossed).

Apparently they're talking about the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which premiered their new restoration last September. The response itself is a little confusing as you'd have to do a telecine somewhere down the line. I suspect they're using the same scan Dark Sky used for the 2007 DVD.
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