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Originally Posted by dentists View Post
ugh NO -THE VIDEO DEAD is PUNK rock!
The main dude is wearing a punk/new/Ska wave shirt thru the whole movie-The English Beat-Twist N' Crawl!
Funny coincidence, I just went to see The English Beat play live in White River Junction, VT last night. Great show in a small venue with a large crowd. Not terribly punk though. New Wave definitely.

We can't really base the punk/metal qualities of a film based purely upon what people wear. Jon Gries is a metalhead in Terrorvision, but his character isn't written to be anything other than a buffoon and a jerk. He's meant to be ridiculed. And he dies. If it was a "metal" movie he'd be the hero of the story, like Thor in Rock 'N Roll Nightmare.

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