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For a while I've thought of Synapse as the most customer friendly of all independent DVD labels, but something happened tonight that sealed it. I had ordered Six Days in Roswell from Amazon during Black Friday last November. I finally opened it today to find the disc bouncing around in the box, this caused a small scratch on the disc. The movie played fine, but when I hit special features on the main menu, the movie just started up again. I'm friends with Don May on Facebook and asked him if this was a known glitch of the disc (which was one of the first Synapse released). He responded that he had never heard of it before, but if Amazon wouldn't accept the return (as it had been a few months) that he could set me up with a new copy of the disc. I was able to process the return at Amazon, but the fact that he offered, let alone responded to a PM on Facebook from someone he doesn't know, shows how much Synapse cares about their customers.
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