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Originally Posted by slinker View Post
a CGI fest ending...

Well, just so you know, most of those FX was real and practical stuff, like animatronics and guys in monstersuits. It was mostly just the spectre and the snake that was CGI. And that shot with all the boxes with different monsters like the Blob etc. was also mostly practical, it was just the shifting of the boxes that was done with CGI as it was impossible to do otherwise. Watch the documentary on the DVD/BD and you will be VERY surprised of how little CGI there actually is in this movie. Even the last shot with the huge hand crashing through the house, the house itself is a miniature that they blow up, and only the hand is CGI, plus the added background. The movie is the perfect mix of both worlds, as they only used it where practical wasnīt possible. So I wouldnīt call this a CGI fest.

I find it kinda interesting when people complain about CGI overload, and most of it isnīt

Like the reactions of the Evil Dead trailer, which used practical old-school FX, and still lots of people say itīs CGI. Which it isnīt.

They can do VERY advanced and lifelike stuff with animatronics etc today, far beyond anything that was possible even back in the 80:s. So if a creature moves fluidly and can do more crazy shit than back then, people seems to think it CGI, even though itīs practical.

The same with Prometheus. The only CGI creature in that movie, was the gigantic "Facehugger", as they couldnīt make the practical version work, all the rest was done with animatronics and puppetry.

So as I said, itīs kinda funny now when the moviemakers have gone back to using practical stuff, and people still say itīs CGI
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