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Originally Posted by It's me, Billy View Post
I'm interested in rediscovering Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi, but what are the "faces" discs you speak of? Also, I have the anamorphic widescreen DVDs of Tenebre and Phenomena from Anchor Bay. Are the Roan LDs still worth tracking down. Thanks for all the help Paff.
These are the so-caled "faces" discs:

If you do decide to buy Star Wars discs, these are the only ones to have.

At this point, I don't think there are many LDs that are worth owning over their DVD/Blu-Ray counterparts. Mostly, you get them as collector's items (like your Black Christmas disc), but very few if any have more features or better quality than the DVD/Blu. I mentioned the Roan discs simply because they're among the better quality horror LDs that were ever released (in terms of picture/sound/extas), and if you want to see LD on top of its game, that's a good place to start. Well, that and the Elite discs, but you're already going there. Seriously though, get that Elite SE of Night of the Living Dead, for the stills gallery alone. The sheer number of photographs (many in full color) from the making of the film will astound you.

Also wanted to add that Elite LD would eventually split off into Anchor Bay, Blue Underground, Elite DVD, and Synapse, so if you can imagine the heads of those companies all working on the same team, it was Elite LD.
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