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Three must-owns for any horror fan with LD capability.

As for the player, you still should look out for a decent one. You don't want to go all-out like I do (I have a Faroudja scaler specifically for upscaling LD into my HDTV, several hundred dollars right there), but I also have 500 of these things and it will take a long time to upgrade to Blu-Ray. A good rule of thumb is to look for Pioneer players with the designation CLD-Dxxx (where xxx will be something like 406, 502, 704, etc). The second "D" means double sided as in it will switch to the second side of the disc automatically. You already know that the remote is critical, as you can't access things like commentary unless you have it as no universal remote will have that specific function.

Don't be afraid to ask any of us LD-heads for advice BEFORE you buy something.
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