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Originally Posted by ImmortalSlasher View Post
If you want a commentary on horror then Scream is better.
Again, no. If by "commentary" you mean "insulting the intelligence of", then yes.

Cabin in the Woods insults horror fans too, but in a more informed way. As in, most horror films are riddled with cliches that the hardcore audiece (yes, US) seems to expect, and they (WE) go off the deep end if those expected cliches are not there. It's an indictment, and one I happen to agree with.

Scream seems to want to point out that today's movie viewer is far more savvy than those of us who saw a lot of slashers in the 80s, that we could not recognize obvious cliches. Trust me, we did. I remember tons of times in the theaters in the 80s with all the derisive comments at the screen when someone did something that would lead to their obvious demise.

Scream pointed out the cliches. Cabin in the Woods pointed out WHY the cliches are there. Far far far more insightful and intelligent.
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