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I thought this was the biggest waste of talent that I've ever seen!

A huge amount of time and effort went into making this, the sets in particular were great and the attention to detail fantastic, lighting was great, soundtrack good, acting good... they just completely overlooked one minor detail... THERE'S NO FUCKING STORY!

After the first few minutes it was literally half way through the movie before the first thing that was even remotely connected to advancing the story happened, by the end the entire story could be summed up in about one sentence.

Such a shame as there was obviously a lot of talent involved in making this.

In a way it's similar to Amer in that it could almost be a student demo movie, made to show off technical film making ability without any attempt to have a story or entertainment value.

I quite liked Amer though, this was taking it to a new level and it did nothing for me at all as far as entertainment went anyway.
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