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Originally Posted by sinister View Post
the wafer thin story line is an obvious starting point for criticism
The story in Berberian is far from wafer thin. There is so much going on in that movie underneath what you could write up into one-sentence. I'll put this next bit in spoiler tags as to not disrupt those who have not seen the film since Berberian has more than one story it's telling.

1) A story about an experienced sound mixer working in a situation completely foreign to him.

2) A story of a fragile and sheltered individual who's afraid of confrontation or conflict. This is deeper explored in the letters from 'Mum' and central to the mystery.

3) A story about the behind the scenes of filmmaking, and the blood, sweat, and tears that go into filmmaking. A story of a dictator not open to compromise.

It's confined locations might have it appear "simple", but there is so much subtly going on under all it's layers.
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