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The and reviews indicate that there is a running time discrepancy between the "Restored" and "Raw" versions of the film, with the "Restored" version running approximately one minute longer.

From the review:

Originally Posted by Casey Broadwater
Do note that the "raw" cut is approximately one minute shorter, although I've yet to determine exactly which scenes were trimmed or cut. I didn't sense anything missing.
From the review:

Originally Posted by Gary Tooze
Supplements offer the previously discussed 'Raw', alternate version of White Zombie, running slightly shorter than the digitized version - and despite watching both I can't tell where the time was lost.
The difference in running time between the two versions appears to be attributable to the Kino / Holland Releasing / United Artists company credits that precede the start of the movie and restoration / authoring credits that follow the end of the movie on the "Restored" version. These credits are absent on the "Raw" version and appear to have a total duration of about one minute.

There is no footage missing from the "Raw" version.
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