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Originally Posted by bigdaddyhorse View Post
Seed is out in Canada and some Northern States (Meijers near me in MI has a couple copies) from Alliance, but it's the theater cut and no extras. I really just want Bride and maybe Seed unrated, dvd is fine for the rest of them as they aren't favorites. Bride is just comedic gold!

The unrated version of Seed is a ripoff and not worth seeking out if you have the theatrical R rated version. It's literally one brief shot, and a slightly altered ending that doesn't work(see for a comparison). But overall, the changes are not obvious since that's all their is, and the gore is completely uncut in the R version. So I'm happy with my "Killer Collection" set of the sequels on dvd that also features only the R version of Seed, which I didn't like in the first place. But still, the unrated version is a joke and I thought I'd give that friendly little reminder, since some people may assume the unrated version is 'better' and more graphic than the theatrical cut when it's not.

I have not seen the R version of the Black Christmas remake. But I'd be open to checking it out, since I don't think much gore was cut from the theatrical version. But I can't find the Canadian blu-ray available anywhere from my search.
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