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Originally Posted by crikan View Post
Trust me Dave, you already have "Hardcore DVD owning" friends.
My thoughts exactly. And I'd define any movie as hardcore when you actually see the penetration of an orifice.

Originally Posted by spawningblue View Post
So Synapse still hasn't announced the three titles?
I wanted to touch on this before but forgot. As far as I'm aware those three titles remain a mystery. It was many years ago, so maybe they trickled out over the past few years but I've never heard what specifically he was talking about. All I remember was it was teased just before Vampire Circus/Twins of Evil/Hands of the Ripper were announced but then Don followed up that Hammer wasn't what he was teasing. :shrug:

Don has already dropped four worthy titles since his original remark about a "couple" of titles for us to speculate on. So it's hard to get a read on what exactly he means which I guess it the point.
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